Gothmeet 2004

Gothmeet 2003 for more ratty action
Carino self-confidently strikes a pose during his match against Kana - which he almost lost.
Kana takes aim.
Kana and Glade watching Carino's l33t skillz.
Glade is grumpy about Flatline showing off his reading-skills while Mono does a Terminator-impression with his eyes (notice that he still has two).
Danbala and Petal ignore each other.
Danbala spotted some unattended drinks, Gin looks rather tired and Kana looks at Xythenium with obvious shock. Maybe he just ate the blue chalk thingy.
Flatline stealthily takes a picture of Kana and Danbala as they're playing Ukko and Sprudleglut. Meanwhile Commando gives Petal and Airk a demonstration of his hypnothic stare.
Ukko looks rather blurry while Kana considers the situation and Carino keeps himself in the background.
Ukko assaults the billiard table. His opponents are visibly amused by this.
A group shot of the two teams.
Mono wasn't asleep... he was just resting his eyes. Honest.
Sprudleglut, Xythenium and Gin looking totally awake and happy about the brightness.
"Ready for LaserDome?"
Some after-Dome relaxation.
Xythenium is either just exhausted or watching that shadow, I'm not sure.
A true Thief is always on duty. Xythenium scopes a liquor-store.
"No beer and no TV make Petal somethingsomething."
Ukko has the blues while waiting for his beer.
The first pentathlon-match involved lots of water. Here our first contestants.
I don't know what happened to this pic, but considering that it features a Thief, it's likely that Carino knows where all the normal colours have disappeared to.
Mudders are a violent folks. Here we have some whacking poor, defenseless moles.
Danbala's taking a picture of the epic battle Xythenium vs. Petal.
And here's that battle again, this time watched by Sprudleglut (and, as you can see in the mirror, Mono the One-Eyed, Airk, Bunnies Glade & Gin and Flatline).
Happy Thieves. Never a good sign.
Carino uses his Terminator-eye to win the game.
Kana is very amused and with regard to what Petal's doing to poor Bumble d'Bee... You don't want to know.
This wasn't part of the pentathlon, but the "compare your limbs to celebrities" attraction was rather successful.
The combined power of Carino and Kana manage to produce some shiny light. Is this how Pin's and Tulip's briefcase was filled?
Carino found a match.
Remember Ricky Rat? He still did not manage to overcome his drug-addiction.
A stoned Ricky tries to mate with poor Bumble. What will their offspring look like?
Bumble and Ricky enjoy an after-sex smoke.
Airk's looking happy.
Danbala's taking some pictures and Ukko a nap.
Airk is suspending some rat by its tail.
Some rat-action.
Flat-head rat, as mutilated by Airk.
Carino is taking a picture of off-screen Kana.
Flat-head rat is thirsty.
The rats by their campfire-candle, surprisingly un-mutilated.
Feel the wrath of Danbala.
Off to the sea with bags of alcohol and pockets full of rats.
Mono with his Gin-given handicap.
A merry get-together. The flash of Airk's camera caused great mayhem, something which he's very pleased about.
Flatline's floating head (with bunny-ears). Carino lookind doubtful.
Carino was forced under the thrall of The Bunny.
Danbala's lord-invis is starting to work its way from her head downwards.
Campfire tales without the actual fire (although the question whether there should be a rat-bonfire had been debated).
People on the passing ferry are looking over. Maybe that's why Gin puts on his pair of bunny ears.
Some more photos and a whole bunch of empty bottles. We, err, we found those. Those aren't ours!
Mono's eye was beginning to get really really big.
Xythenium with The Bunny, alcohol and his heart-pattern blanket. What else does this man need? See below.
Right! A scalp-massage.
Ugh! Airk not know meaning of sadness. Airk got light on head!
Kana is looking snuggly warm in her attire.
"The morning After." General tiredness.