Photos from the Gothmeet 2003

Mudders in sunlight... no wonder no-one wants to be recognized. Still...
From left to right: Petal, Waterrat, Xythenium, Danbala, Tubbycat, Mental, Kissaki, Mono, Sprudleglut
Sprudleglut, armed and looking for someone to shoot.
Someone will be dead in a moment. Darn these ambushing Thieves!
Carino (dodging out of the picture to the right) was kind enough to offer a smoke and some Jaegermeister to the rats.
Iceman and Waterrate try to pretend disinterest in the poor creaturs.
The rats looking at Carino for more drugs while he grins at them benevolently.
"Who? Me?" Would this man lay out a trail of kokaine (okay, in this case salt) for innocent rats?
Carino's cunning plan in action: all the rats are addicted.
Okay, what is Kissaki thinking about?
And why has he got a rat on his hat?
Three rats and a priest. Spot the priest.
These rats seem to multiply somehow. Maybe it's the hat.
Kana, the bunny-eared antenna-alien, tricked into turning around and then hit by a high-velocity rat.
Unfortunately the rat already bounced off her head here.
Mental with his rat-infested thought-leeching hat, Carino casing potential victims Danbala and Xythenium while they are distracted. And Woom is probably looking for an incoming witch.